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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Christ is Preeminent

March 4, 2012 
Colossians 1

Paul wants the Colossian church to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ.

He commends the Colossian church for not wavering in their faith in Jesus. He sees the result of this in their lives. If we have faith in Jesus we should see fruit in our lives. The test is living God’s Word. It is so easy to look and read the Word but it’s hard to live it. It starts with reading it though. We need to be filled with the knowledge of God. It’s not just about knowing God. It’s what you know about God and what you do with what you know that pushes you forward. You need to know so that you don’t make stuff up and know when things are being made up. As Christians we don’t need to be pioneers in the Word of God. It is right there for us.

V9: We need to be filled with the knowledge of God so that we might not sin against God. It’s a good thing when I want to follow God and its bad when I don’t. There is something about knowledge that if you follow it, it will help you and those with you especially when you are the driver. It can also be an awful spanking when you are doing the wrong thing and don’t want to follow God. That knowledge will rebuke you. When you have knowledge of God’s Word and choose to do something else it will get you into trouble.

V21: What God has put together has order yet we will study to prove God wrong. We have to prove He is wrong because if He is true we must follow Him. When you allow Jesus to be preeminent a lot of things change. Society says, it’s not what you know but who you know who gets you to where you want to go. The Bible says, it is what you know about God that will get you far.

V10: We need to walk worthy. We carry the name of Jesus. It is ALWAYS about Christ. It’s not what you know but what you do with what you know. We need to be a WORHTY WITNESS in all that we do. If He is in charge we need to live like He is in charge. We are to fully please him, being fruitful in every good work. We are to increase in the knowledge of God. We are like gas, we fill our tank and it gets depleted. All we have to do is spend time in the Word to fill up. As we grow in the Lord our value increases. It doesn’t depreciate. The more time we spend in obedience to God’s Word the more he gains preeminence in our lives. The answers God can give one who doesn’t know Christ is limited but as believers we have the pass key. KNOWLEDGE is power but OBEDIENCE brings life.

What we see about Jesus Christ is true. We are his friends, no longer his enemies. This happens when we allow Christ preeminence in our lives.
Pastor Pete

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