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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Christ is Preeminent Over Our Witness

March 25, 2012
Recap: The church should be watchmen: In our community, in Washington, in our homes, in our schools. We need to stand on the principles of God. Because we are not, sin is running rampant in the world. We don’t pray the Word of God or our lives are so shabby we don’t believe God will answer our prayers. So our prayers hit the ceiling and bounce off.
If you do not know how to live, how to walk you will be weak. Paul commends the church in Colossians for their faith but tells then that in order to remain strong you have to know what God’s Word is and then you have to receive it. Knowing what it means to live upright before God.
Christ is in control over the philosophies of the world. Christ has preeminence over the legalism and rules of the church. It is not about what we do but how we come before the Lord, with humbled hearts.  If what is said is does not line up with God’s Word it must be disregarded.
If what you think does not line up with what God says, it is wrong thinking. God has set the standard of right. It’s not about what we think but about what God knows. God must have preeminence in our personal lives and in our homes. We must instill God’s principles in our children. If Christ is not preeminent in our lives He will not be preeminent in our homes.
We are witnesses for God
Our lives should show who God is in our lives. We should not need an announcement that we, the Christian, has arrived. Jesus did not require an introduction yet he was a King. The testimony of His life was captured in what He did.
V2: It says to continue earnestly in prayer. We don’t take time to just talk to the Lord. We give Him the five minute quickie and then we are Gone. Let’s take prayer seriously. We need to be vigilant; Watchful, always aware and alert. We know the Lord, what he does and what he can do so we must always be watching. We are to be vigilant in prayer.
When we read the newspaper or watch the news we need to be praying, we need to take it to the Lord in prayer. As we hear things we need to watch and pray. We ask, what good is it going to do? We don’t know but that is what God tells us to do. So we need to be obedient and let God worry about the rest.
V2-5: We need to be praying for persecuted Christians, for injustices. We need our witness to be a light to others. We need to live a life that is right before God. It is NOT our place to argue anyone down to accept God’s Word. We are to share God’s Word; that is ALL. When someone gets belligerent with you just walk away. No one can change your faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ so you can’t change their mind about what they believe. You can’t beat people with God’s Word because you don’t want to be beat into believing something.
V6: Let your speech always be with grace. When you speak be it with favor that people will want to be in your presence. …seasoned with salt. When we speak what we say should preserve life.  that you may know how you ought to answer each one. We don’t always have the answer and we don’t always need to have the answer but we need to be gracious and research and find the answer.
V7-15: Part of our witness is being able to fellowship with one another, being able to reconcile with one another, being able to grow with your brethren.
V16-18: Paul says, make sure this epistle is read. God’s Word is key and it must be read, it must be heard, it must be spoken. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). We grow no other way. It keeps our faith growing. Without faith we cannot please God. When persecution come what is going to keep us? The Word of God. This is what empowers us to live for the Lord. What is going to keep us when people try to take our freedoms away? The Word of God.
We need to be alert because times are changing. This is not to make you afraid but to be alert, to not be caught off guard. This is so that we as Christian can sound the alarm. We are the watchmen. If we sleep everyone else will be lost.
Christ MUST be preeminent in our lives. We are His testimony because we bear His Name.
Pastor Pete

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