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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Faith Works When You Know & Understand its Author

October 14, 2012

Jesus didn’t come to die for the world but he came to die for the individuals in the world. He loved the world but died for mankind, for the world dwellers. It is about saving the people in the world. The world is groaning, waiting for the Lord’s return. It groans for God’s repair, while we destroy it. Yet and still God seeks to save us.

V6: In the passage, Jesus is entering Capernaum. The centurion is waiting for Jesus. He is a high ranking official with status and power in Rome. We find out that his servant is sick and because of the centurion's status he has probably gotten doctors to look at him to no avail. His servant was so sick, it was to the point of them not being able to move.

We must have absolute trust. This is a servant, someone the centurion does not have to care about. He doesn’t see this person as just a body, he cares about this person's welfare. No one else can help so the centurion waits for Jesus. He has absolute trust that Jesus can heal his servant.

We need a humble heart. When Jesus arrives, the centurion states his case and Jesus says I will come and heal him. The centurion says he is not worthy to have Jesus come into his house. All he asked of Jesus was to speak a word. The centurion lives in a very nice place but he says that his house is not good enough for Jesus to come to. The centurion believed that just a word would do.

V10: Jesus is telling us something. A lot of us will sit down with the law and miss Jesus, miss the Gospel, miss the truth. This is because you will have a faith that is about the head and not the heart. People go to church with their head and do not have Jesus in their heart. God gets tossed out and religion is what we live by.

V11-12: Many people think that they will be going to glory but Jesus will tell them I don’t know you. Jesus is trying to warn us to examine ourselves. The centurion had a non-visible acceptance of Jesus. That is what Jesus asks of us, non-visible acceptance. He didn’t need Jesus to come and do it, he just needed him to say it. And when Jesus said it the centurion went home knowing it was done.

Faith works when we know and understand its author. God sent His Son to go and find us and save us. Just like the centurion when himself to seek Jesus for the healing of his servant. To understand who he is, we must humble ourselves and know that he is working on our case and give him praise. He gives us the choice.
Pastor Pete

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