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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Eyes Open, Be Alert, Watch

September 23, 2012

We must apply these verses to every aspect of our lives. We must examine those we are supposed to trust. Be alert. Keep your eyes open. Watch out for falseness.

Beware of false prophets that come in sheep’s clothing. Be careful when you watch the news on TV and the newspaper. Look for the truth in it but do not take it at face value.

Jesus comes to us talking about an influential group that is strong at this time, the Pharisees. They are making money off of the people. They look good and sound good but they are wolves with rabies. All they want is to rip you apart. We have Pharisees in our world today. They look good but they will destroy you.

The media is bought and paid for. We need to stop letting people persuade us with a lie. The Bible says that Satan will entice you with sweet words. V16 says that we will know them by their fruits. We know it’s an apple because it grows on an apple tree. Don’t just embrace someone who says trust me, look at their lives.

You have to look before you make a decision. V17-18 – Every good tree bears good fruit and every bad tree produces bad fruit. Nothing good can come out of something bad. A good tree means the roots are good. A bad tree means that the roots are bad. A tree produces bad fruit because deep down at the roots something is wrong.

V19: We need to open our eyes to what is going on in our lives at every level. Don’t make excuses for it. You can put a pig in a dress and pearls but it will still be a pig. We need to get rid of the stuff that is bad, that is not profiting us.

Keep your eyes open and be alert because you have to come to a decision. Do not let anyone think for you. Parents are supposed to get their children to the point where they can think for themselves. We never want our children to be dependent on us forever. We have to make sure that we plant in our children the knowledge to survive. That is what God has given to us.

God showed us his credentials. He didn’t have to tell people to trust him. He just said follow me because he had proven Himself faithful and trustworthy.

Keep your eyes open. Remain alert. Let’s be ready to make the judgment call with the right information.
Pastor Pete

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