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Sunday, February 5, 2012

If God Really Loves Us, Let Him Prove It

February 5, 2012

John 15:12-14

This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. If God really loves us, Let Him prove it

It is easy to speak love; it is difficult to perform love. When God brought the Word into to being it was never with the mindset for it to just be spoken. God had it that when he wanted to express how he feels about us he wrote it down, in the Bible. In His love letter to us He doesn’t give just the fluff, He is honest. He shows us the standard we are to live by. It’s the same standard He holds for himself; Holiness.

Love without sacrifice is not love. When you are called upon to serve someone love will lay down whatever one is doing to help the person in need. That is what God did. Jesus calls his disciples friends. God only requires of us what He has already done himself. Jesus is saying if push comes to shove, if I need to die so that you can live it is a done deal. That is how much we mean to Him.

God uses friends here and not family because we are born into our family. Once you’re born into it that’s it, but you choose your friends. Jesus says I choose you as my friends; even Judas was given the opportunity to be his friend. Even knowing that Judas would seal his death warrant he still loved him.

Hebrew 2 – without blood no remission of sin

God made a standard that an innocent sacrifice be made to atone for our sin. The dilemma was how do you sacrifice a life to save a life yet enable the sacrifice to live and to be rewarded? A sacrifice is dead, and then you drain the blood out because life is in the blood. Then once it is dead you burn it. The aroma goes up into heaven; God smells the aroma and then eases his judgment on you.

God had it that Jesus was that sacrifice. He was tried and hung on a cross so that the blood of the sacrifice would drain down. They knew He was dead but 3 days later He was alive and walking around. What was seen as a dilemma for man was nothing for God. He sacrificed His Son’s life so that we might live.

God sent Jesus back to put life back into His body. What’s a dilemma for us is not a dilemma for God. The testimony was that he was sinless. In God’s holy economy you cannot pay for your own sins and live; that is what the dove or lamb was for in the old testament. Now, Jesus blood is the payment for our sins.

Jesus doesn’t have to self-proclaim anything. His Father would proclaim him. He didn’t have to demand us to worship him. After He has changed our lives we will praise Him freely.

God has proven that He loves us. Love requires sacrifice and He has proven it. The question is: Will we receive the proof He has given us? God will always honor His word. He has a standard of holiness and the minute He changes it he ceases being God.

He proves it every day of our lives when the clock rings and we hear it and we get up and start on our way. His being with us every second is quality. Let us receive the proof that he gives.

Pastor Pete

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