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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Letting Egypt Go is Hard, When the Promised Land has Giants

January 2, 2011

Numbers 13:2, 25 – 33.

The Key: God said ‘I am giving this land to you – Go and spy it out”. (Numbers 13:2)

The Children of Israel were right at the door to the Promised Land. God said send the leaders of each tribe (v2). They were in the land 40 days. They brought back food from the land. However, out of the 12 spies sent out only 2 had a good report. They returned safely from the land but they had no faith.

One man, Caleb, believed Moses when he told them what God said. Caleb had a message of Faith.

In Exodus 13:22, we see that God led the children of Israel with a Cloud by Day and a Pillar of fire by Night. The Cloud/Fire protected them and provided cover, light and warmth in the dessert. When God was ready to move, the Cloud moved and the children of Israel were instructed to move with the cloud.

Why did God not just send the children of Israel into the Promised Land? Why the test?   
It is because following God and developing a relationship with Him can only happen by 
FAITH (Heb 11:6). 
With God, life is a faith walk (2Cor 5:7) God wanted to see who would respond to Him with faith
It’s all about FAITH.

Faith is believing in the God we cannot see but who has revealed Himself in what He has made and His Word.

God asked Adam and Eve – will you trust me? Who will you choose to serve? Will you believe the serpent (the stranger) instead of the God who had provided for them in the Garden from the beginning of their existence?

It is interesting how ten of the twelve spies saw themselves – as grasshoppers. They forgot the Word of the Lord given to Moses. Only Joshua and Caleb said we can do this.It was a question of their faith. They were willing to choose manna and quail instead of grapes, milk and honey.
They did not go in until Joshua 2. Word comes from the wilderness that the God of Israel is Powerful.  Rehab believes and when the spies return, she hides them and gets a promise of salvation for her and her family.

They finally cross the Jordan River in Joshua chapter 3.

How can we apply this to our lives today as believers? 
Egypt is symbolic of bondage to sin from which we have been delivered.
When they crossed the Red Sea they had to trust God. We trust God when we put our faith in Jesus Christ and cross over from darkness into light. Do you want to go back to Egypt – the place where we prayed and begged God to get us out of?

The question is: How do you see yourself? As a grasshopper?
If you see yourself as a grasshopper you need new eyes. See yourself as a child of the King of Kings who has everything

Faith is the key – believing in a God we cannot see but who has revealed Himself in what he has made and His Word.

God has already proven Himself.
The world is messed up because of Man – the decision to do his own thing.

Hebrews 11:6 says, Without Faith it is impossible to please God.
God will make himself known to those who diligently seek Him.
God reveals Himself to those who seek Him.
It is not about giving God a try – it’s about committing our lives to Him.

Romans 10:17 says Faith/Growth comes by hearing the Word of God.

We Must decide to let Egypt go.

Faith is the key, the answer, the way WE touch God!

Pastor Pete

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