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Sunday, July 18, 2010

If You Bring the Vessel Empty, God Will Fill It

July 18, 2010

2 Kings 4:1-7

Last Sunday we discussed that we overcome the world by our faith. This is the story of a woman of faith – a spiritual woman.

This woman was a widow – the wife of a prophet who served under Elisha the prophet. The Testimony of his life was that he "revered God". 2 Kings 4:1 (NIV)

In those days the husband was the source of income for the family. With his death, she no longer had a source of income.

She had a need so she went to Elisha the prophet and stated her need – “my husband is dead, the creditors are coming to take my sons to be slaves”.

Elisha asked her “How can I help you? Tell me, what do you have in your house?” She answered “nothing but a little oil”. 2 Kings 4:2 (NIV)

He told her to go and ask all her neighbors for empty vessels - many empty vessels. Go into her house, shut the door and pour the little oil she had into the empty vessels she had collected. She and her sons did exactly as instructed. They obeyed the command of the prophet Elisha who was the “man of God” at that time. 2 Kings 4:3, 4 (NIV)

The miracle came in her obedience. As she did what she was asked to do, the little jar of oil kept filling the large vessels she has collected until all were full and there was not another vessel available. 2 Kings 4:5, 6 (NIV)

She then went back to Elisha the prophet and told him she had done what he told her to do. He then told her to go and sell the oil, pay her debt and live off the rest. 2 Kings 4:7 (NIV).

God provided a source of income from what she already had. In blessing the widow, she was able to bless others.

The question for us today is...

Do we know what we need? Can we clearly state the need? Do we go to God with a clear need? Do we follow the instructions God gives us? Do we do the necessary work (go out and ask for vessels)?  Do we go back to God and let him know we have followed His instructions so that He can tell us the next step? Our need causes us to recognize our dependence on God.

Application to our lives today:
  • The prophet is the Word of God – Bible
  • The seeking out of Elisha – Prayer
  • The need – physical, emotional, spiritual, financial etc
  • The little oil – the Holy Spirit
  • The vessels – us as individuals
God pours his Holy Spirit into us to meet whatever need we may have. When we pray, God speaks to us through His Word. If we obey, our needs are met and we are able to bless others. When God blesses, He always gives us enough for ourselves and others. But God’s blessings are hindered when we move from where God can pour the oil into our vessel by not reading the Word, not praying, not obeying God’s Word and not fellowshipping with other believers, yet we expect God to be able to bless us. But He cannot.

Sometimes our vessel is full – full of sin, doubt, disobedience, self-righteousness and pride. But if we bring the vessel empty, God will fill it up.
Pastor Pete

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