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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Stay In the Place of God

May 30th, 2010
Guest Speaker: Rev: R. Woods
Genesis 50:19-20

As we celebrated out anniversary Rev. Woods shared highlights from the life of Joseph.

Joseph set up for trouble right from the beginning of his life.
  • Born into a dysfunctional family
  • Born to Jacob in his old age
  • First child of the wife Jacob loved
  • Jacob expressed his love for Joseph by giving him a special robe
  • Joseph was a dreamer. God gave him profound dreams
  • Joseph crowed about his dreams
  • Joseph tattled on his 10 older brothers
  • His brothers hated Joseph and sold him to traders for 20 pieces of silver
  • The traders sold him to Potiphar

But God was with Joseph.

When God is with you, you have all that matters. God Blessed Joseph. He had the command of Potiphar’s household. Even when Potiphar’s wife wrongly accused him of rape and Joseph was sent to prison God was with Joseph in prison. He had favor in prison and was a leader there.

After a few years he was finally called to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. God had given him a Survivor Plan for the next 14 years. Joseph became Pharoah’s right hand man during the years of plenty and famine.

The Key Point:

Joseph was rejected, kidnapped, enslaved and imprisoned but God’s plan for him was not limited by his circumstances. God was with Joseph.

The Christian life is full of calamities. But God is with you to help you find a way to deal with hurt, disappointments, and tragedies. Get a "So What" spirit. Have an attitude of Faith.

When Joseph finally revealed who he was to his brothers he told them, you meant it for evil, but God meant it for your good. Know that you are where God wants you to be.

Leverich Memorial Church, Stay in the Place of God. You will find everything you need in the Place of God.

Pastor Pete

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